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General Conditions of Use of Site www.lohce.com for ticket purchase online. Version Online on 11/30/2016.

I- on the terms and conditions of use

The present general conditions apply to the services proposed by the Site www.lohce.com.

The Service to purchase ticket online proposed on this web site is edited by lohce.

In the present

  • « lohce » : refers to the provider of the services for the purchase of bus tickets online on the Site www.lohce.com

  • « Site » : means without distinction the www.lohce.com sites and more generally any Internet site or mobile application edited or co-edited by lohce or any Site repeating with the authorization of lohce the information published on the sites that precede and offering similar services.

  • « Agency » : means the legal person proposing on the site to carry a physical person in consideration of the cost of transportation in application, and for a trip and a schedule that he has defined.

  • « Passenger » : means the physical person having accepted the proposal to be transported by the Agency.

  • « Journey » : means the operation for which the Agency has agreed to transport the passenger in consideration of the cost of transportation in application and for a journey and a schedule defined.

  • « Sub-Journey » : Refers to a portion of a journey. The Sub-journeys are delimited by stopovers in that the Agency proposes to perform during his journey. As well, passengers can choose not to perform all the journey with the Agency but only a part proposed by the Agency: the Sub-journey. In this case, the seat remains available for other passengers on the other Sub-journeys proposed by the Agency, which have not been chosen by other passengers. Except as otherwise any provision of the present applicable to a journey applies to a Sub-journey.

  • « Participation » : amount of money requested by the Agency and accepted by the passenger for the Journey to the title of its contribution to the costs of travel. This participation, calculated by the Agency under his sole responsibility, must be strictly limited to the costs of travel and the Agency may in no case change the rates after purchase of the title of transport. Has default, the Agency shall bear only the risks of requalification of its delivery not authorized by the intermediary of lohce.

  • « User » : means without distinction the passenger or the Agency having accepted the present General Conditions of Use and using the Site as a passenger or administrator. Users alone are the decision-makers of the realization of the Service for the purchase of transportation title online.

  • « User Account » : refers to the account that must be created to be able to become a user and access the services offered by the Site.

  • « CGU » : refers to the present General Conditions of Use, including the Charter of Good Conduct below..

  • « Service » : means any service rendered in the middle of the site to a user, it being specified that lohce is never a party to a contract of carriage.

  • « Journey with Purchase » : means a path subject to the conditions of paragraph II.4 of the present.

The use of the site is subject to the acceptance of the present GCU. At the time of the creation of the User Account and/or the purchase of a ticket of transport, users must click the box "I accept the General Conditions of Use of the Site and the proposed service."

Only the acceptance of these GCU allows users to buy tickets online on the site. The acceptance of the present GCU is whole and form an indivisible whole, and users can choose to see apply a part of the GCU only or formulate Bookings.

By accepting the GCU, the User accepts in particular the charter of good conduct as well as the Article VII of the GCU concerning the "Treatment of the personal data of the users".

In the event of a breach of one of the obligations laid down by the present, lohce reserves the possibility to delete the affected user account or to prohibit any operation from this user.  

lohce keeps the right to modify at any time the GCU, the features offered on the Site or the rules of operation of the Service.

The change will take effect immediately upon the implementation of the GCU that any user acknowledges having previously consulted.

When the change occurs after the payment by the passenger of a sum of money corresponding to the costs of the journey, the amendment does not apply to the transaction in progress.

lohce reserves in particular the right to propose new services, free or paying on the site.

II- Use of the Service  

To register and to benefit from the proposed service online by lohce, each user must provide the personal data concerning, indispensable to the proper functioning of the service of relationship of people (including name, age, civility, phone number and e-mail address valid). The user can also create an account. Users certify to be over 18 years of age at the time of the operation.

lohce may in no case be held responsible for the information which could be erroneous or fraudulent practices communicated by the users.

The user undertakes not to create or use other accounts than initially created, either under his own identity or that of a third party. Any derogation from this rule should be the subject of an explicit request from the user and a authorization express and specific lohce. The fact to create or use of new accounts under its own identity or that of third parties without having asked and obtained the permission of lohce may result in the immediate suspension of user accounts and all associated services.

lohce offers its users a Booking Service which allows in particular to reduce the risk of a last-minute cancellation on the part of a passenger, or even the non-payment of the journey by the latter.

However, in no case the responsibility of lohce cannot be engaged in particular because of the occurrence of one of these risks. The formula "Journey with Booking " opens right to the Agency to a compensation in case of late cancellation of a passenger in the limits determined below.

II.2.1 Conditions in which users can benefit from this service

The formula "Journey with Booking " is limited to users and routes defined by the present article.

Only paths respecting the cumulative conditions set out below may be proposed in the framework of the formula "Journey with Booking": the Routes called "unique" for which a specific announcement was published by an agency, and which relate to a trip that takes place only once, at a specific date and time, for points of departure and destination given.

A sub-journey is an intermediate step of a given journey.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, lohce expressly reserves and at its discretion the right to limit the number and/or the category of users who can benefit from this Booking Service.


II.2.2 Booking and booking confirmation

The Agency proposes the routes on the site by specifying the departure and arrival, the date and the schedules. It also specifies the terms and conditions of the trip.

The passenger Booking one or several places from the site by performing exclusively a payment online via a means of payments proposed. The receipt of the payment by lohce constitutes confirmation of Booking (hereinafter the "Booking confirmation"). Past the Booking confirmation, the Agency and the passenger are irrevocably committed in particular by the application of the "Financial provisions" below.

The passenger and the Agency are informed that the transaction is irrevocably concluded, by a SMS and/or email sent to the passenger him confirming the Booking, SMS and/or email sent to the Agency the informing of the Booking. Any cancellation after this confirmation of Booking is framed by the procedures laid down by the Section "Payment and Fees in case of cancellation" of the present. The Booking is nominative. The Agency as the passenger must correspond to the identity communicated to lohce. The Agency as the passenger are entitled to consider that the cancellation is due to the one whose identity corresponds to that mentioned on the site.

The Agency is committed to the passengers on the trip that it has proposed in Booking to the date, time, and place of embarkation informed. It also undertakes to offer in his vehicle to the number of places in fact reserved by each passenger.


II.2.3 Payment and Fees

Service charges

In the framework of the TRIPS with Booking, lohce charges of Service (hereinafter "the Service Fee") on the site.

These costs are added to the transaction on the date of the payment on line by the passenger.

For any journey, the Booking fee per passenger and per reserved seat depends on the ticket price.

The service fee will apply for each available place in the vehicle of the Agency and proposed to the Booking.

Payment of the Agency

The Passenger has a period of 2 days (seven calendar days) to inform expressly to lohce of non-compliance by the agency of the proposed service on the site of lohce. At the end of this period, lohce reserves the right to systematically archive any claim.

Obligations of the Agency

It is recalled that in the framework of the journey agreed between the Agency and one or more passengers, the Agency has for obligation vis-a-vis the said Passengers :

  • To respect the schedules of departures;

  • Without delay to inform passengers of any modification of the Journey

If one or several passengers booked and that the Agency decides to change any condition of the journey with Booking as originally entered, the Agency undertakes to enter into contact with the more quickly with its passengers having made a Booking on its journey and to obtain the agreement of the passengers on this change. If a Passenger refuses this change, then he is right to cancel completely its Booking without that no costs of cancellation will be charged, and without that no compensation be paid to the Agency.

Wait for the passenger on the place of the appointment up to 10 minutes beyond the agreed time (tolerance is not providing not the passenger to be punctual).

II.2.4 Payment and Fees in case of cancellation

The cancellation by the Agency or the passenger subsequent to the confirmation of Booking is subject to the provisions below. In case of cancellation due to the Agency, the passenger is refunded in full of the sum he has paid.

In case of cancellation due to the Passenger :

If the passenger cancels more than 24 hours before the scheduled time for the departure, of cancellation costs corresponding to the amount of service fees paid during the recording of the Booking are due to lohce. Accordingly, the passenger will be reimbursed for the amount paid less the amount of these costs of cancellation.

If the passenger cancels less than 2 hours or 2 hours before the scheduled time for the departure: of cancellation costs corresponding to the amount of service fees paid during the recording of the Booking are due to lohce and the Agency collects a compensation of 50% of the amount of the Repayment Agency. Accordingly, the passenger will be reimbursed the balance is the amount paid less the amount of the costs of the cancellation and the compensation of the Agency.

If the passenger is present after the time of departure, the Agency will make him a have valid for 2 days and this last will be able to embark on the following vehicles subject to available places. Accordingly, the passenger will not receive any cash refund.

When the cancellation occurs before the departure and the fact of the passenger, the seat or seats canceled(e)s by the passenger are full right discounts available to other passengers who can book online and consequently subject to the terms and conditions herein.


Of Convention express it is agreed by the passenger and the Agency that the amounts received did not entail the right to interest.

The passenger and the Agency agree to respond to any request for lohce and more generally of any administrative or judicial authority competent in relationship with the prevention or the fight against money laundering and, in particular, they agree to provide any proof of address or identity useful.

In the absence of immediate response to these requests, the passenger and the Agency agree in advance that lohce unilaterally take any measure which it seems appropriate in particular the freezing of sums paid and/or the suspension of the services used by the passenger or offered by the Agency.

No payment may intervene in favor of the Agency on an account which will not have been opened in his name.

The Agency undertakes to ensure its vehicles in accordance with the legislation in force and to check prior to the journey the full validity of his insurance. The Agency also undertakes to ensure that all drivers are in possession of a driving license in force.

It would bear only the financial consequences resulting from the absence of support for a possible accident by his insurance, without the responsibility of lohce could be committed. 

lohce puts at the disposal of its users an online service for the settlement of disputes. This service is intended in particular to settle disputes relating to cancellations of Bookings.

The Service for the settlement of disputes has no obligation of result with respect to finding a solution to the disputes between its users.

If no solution is found to the dispute between the passenger to the Agency, lohce reserves the right to withhold the sums paid by the passenger up to an amicable agreement between the passenger and the Agency or a final judicial decision.

III- Responsibility

The trip resulting exclusively from the agreement reached between the Agency and the passengers, the users of the Service (agencies such as Passengers) acting under their sole and entire responsibility. In this title, the effective conduct of the path proposed by the Agency and accepted by the passenger cannot entail of responsibility attributable to lohce, on any basis, the service proposed by lohce is a service of intermediation.

The responsibility of lohce may not including not be committed due to a disaster which would have occurred for reasons such as :

  • The communication by the Agency of erroneous information regarding the Journey and its terms and conditions;

  • The cancellation of the journey by the Agency or the passenger ;

  • The payment of the Participation to the costs in the case of a journey without Booking ;

  • The fraudulent behaviour or the fault of the driver of the Agency or of the passenger before, during, or after the trip.

In particular, any form of responsibility could not be retained in respect of lohce in case of fraudulent use of payment instruments by the passenger. In this case, no guarantee of payment from the Agency is ensured by lohce.

lohce strives to ensure the availability of the Site and the service 24 hours a day, and 7 days on 7. However, it may happen that the access to the Site or the service will be interrupted in the framework of maintenance operations, upgrades either hardware or software, emergency repairs of the site, or as a result of circumstances beyond the control of lohce (as for example, failure of connections and telecommunications equipment). lohce undertakes to take all reasonable measures to limit these disturbances, provided that they be attributable.

Users acknowledge and accept that lohce does not assume toward them any responsibility for any unavailability, suspension or interruption of the Site or Service and can not be held responsible for the damages direct and indirect costs of any nature resulting from this fact.

In all cases, and without prejudice to what comes to be exposed above and in the other clauses concerning the absence of responsibility of lohce, any cause of responsibility which could be retained against lohce may not give rise to the payment of damages and interest which the amount will be limited to the amounts cashed at cost of service or of the cancellation fee.

The Agency is solely responsible for the price fixed for their announcement of purchase of title of transport in line.

IV- interruption and suspension of access to the service and/or to the Site  

In case of non respect of your share of all or part of the GCU, you acknowledge and agree that lohce may at any time, without prior notification, interrupt or suspend, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Service or your access to the site (including your user account) in the case of non-compliance of the GCU or for any objective reason.

V- treatment of the personal data of the users and content of the Site

In accordance with the Decree n°2013/0339/PM of 27 February 2013, you have a right of access and rectification on the personal data concerning you, via the contact page.

For the personal data that you have data to lohce when you have completed your online membership form, it belongs to you only to modify and update. In accordance with the Decree n°2013/0339/PM of 27 February 2013, you have the right to oppose yourself without charge and free of charge, to this that the personal data concerning you to be used for prospecting purposes, in particular commercial by lohce or by its trading partners. If your right of opposition is exercised for this reason directly from lohce, the latter undertakes to pass on your opposition with its contractual partners to which she would have possibly transmitted your personal data.

In accordance with the Decree n°2013/0339/PM of 27 February 2013, lohce undertakes to ensure that the personal data concerning you, even those transmitted to potential trading partners, are not transmitted, except to collect in advance your express consent in this sense.

In accordance with the Decree n°2013/0339/PM of 27 February 2013 lohce reserves the right to transmit personal data concerning you, either to comply with a legal obligation, either in application of a judicial decision, administrative, or of an independent administrative authority.

You agree to ensure, as necessary, the updating of personal data concerning you.

You agree in addition to what the personal data concerning you to be accurate, complete and non-equivocal.

You can at any time access, by using on the site your password and login to your user account containing the whole of the personal data that you have provided to lohce.


lohce undertakes to take any precautionary useful, in view of the nature of the data and the risks presented by the processing, to preserve the security of personal data concerning you and, in particular, prevent that your personal data are distorted, corrupted, or that unauthorized third parties have access.


The hosting site mentioned in Article 1.1 "Scope of Application and Definitions" acts as a subcontractor of the lohce, only on written instruction of lohce, and does not have the right to use the personal data of the users to which it is likely to have access, except for the purposes of execution of technical benefits of accommodation and management of databases and only in the contractual terms and conditions signed between the host and lohce who may not derogate from this article.


The https://www.lohce.com site is the property of lohce. Any reproduction, even partial, is subject to the prior written permission of lohce. Any hypertext link directed to a page other than the home page of the site is subject to the prior written permission of lohce.

The visitor of the Site undertakes not to reproduce any of the elements of the site. Any contrary use of all or part of the Site or of any of its elements would constitute an infringement is likely to result in civil and/or criminal proceedings and to expose the Visitor offender to penalties recalled.

lohce is not responsible for the content entered by users on the site. This is particularly so for the " Agenda" containing information relating to public events or private, information entered by users.

However as soon as it has been brought to the knowledge of lohce that a content would infringe the rights of third parties, lohce will do everything possible to delete without delay of the Site The content contentious.

By accepting the present GCU, you agree that the information provided at the time of registration are published on the websites of purchase of title of line transport of lohce.

lohce reserves the right to reproduce any information contained on the site or on partner sites.

In particular, the ads published on one of the sites edited or co-edited by lohce may be reproduced on other sites edited or co-edited by lohce or third parties.

VI- litigation and requirements

Any claim in relation against the company with the present is prescribed in a period of one year. It is irréfragablement assumed that the Agency or the passenger waives a payment which will not have been requested in a period of one year. Unclaimed amounts are acquired to lohce.

As necessary, the competent jurisdiction in case of litigation will be regarded as the courts of competent jurisdiction in the location of the headquarters of the company.

Charter of Good Conduct  

The provisions of this article together form the "charter of good conduct of online booking". This Charter is the spirit of the Service for the purchase of title of line transport proposed by lohce which each user is supportive, responsible and respectful. It applies to all users of the Site and the service proposed by lohce.

The Agency undertakes not to publish on the site that the Routes corresponding to travel actually envisaged. The information on the costs, the route (including points of departure and arrival), are provided directly by the Agency and do not commit lohce in any manner whatsoever. The Agency undertakes to perform the journey he has published and to travel with passengers with which it is committed.

Each agency undertakes to ensure that the driver does not take of risk at the steering wheel and do not absorb any dangerous product that could alter its capacity to drive with vigilance and safely. The passenger must not embarrassed the conduct of the driver.

A user must be able to immediately submit its papers to the Agency if it in fact the request. For the Agency, it is the certification of registration (called "gray card"), in the certificate of insurance and the driving license of the driver.

The or the passenger(s) Pay(NT) the costs according to the amount indicated on the announcement of the Agency.

Everyone is obliged to respect the schedules set at the start. The passenger and the Agency must present themselves at the place and at the time agreed for the appointment. Beyond a tolerance of 10 minutes after the time agreed upon, the one who is not present is responsible for the cancellation.

The Agency and the vehicle are in rule with the code of the road and with the Act. Furthermore, the two parties undertake to do not carry any substance, or any object or illegal or dangerous during the trip Common.

Each user is required to be unique to the departure and during the trip in order not to hinder the or the other(s) Passenger(s).

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