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amour mezam express trust the online service to sell its tickets.

For immediate assistance, contact the Customer Service on Whatapps Monday to Saturday from 09 am to 08 pm at 6 94 61 58 32

We are only responsible for paid luggage. You will need to provide proof that you paid for your luggage in order to be eligible for any compensation from the Amour Mezam. This proof should be the receipt you were given when you paid for your luggage.

If you did not cancel your ticket beforehand, your ticket will no longer be valid. You will need to buy another ticket before you can travel.

Yes. However, in some minor cases, it may happen that the bus shown online may develop a fault at the last minute and may not be available. In this case, an alternative bus with a similar level of comfort may be provided. In some cases, the seating positions equally change. These are minor challenges and we are sorry for the inconveniences that they may cause.

The extra fees is service charge for using the platform to purchase your ticket.

For now, the app is only available for the android platform. The ios app will be available later. However, you can still use the browser of your ios device to purchase a ticket. Simply load up your browser and go to From there, click on the link that says “Click here to book your ticket online”. The link will take you to the platform where you can search and buy your ticket. The online platform has the same functionalities as the amour mezam online payment app for android.

Yes. Please follow the online payment steps and where the system asks for passenger’s names, put in the name to the person you wish to buy a for ticket for.

If this happens, please call the following numbers: 699 875 163 or 677 769 722

In case of any overload, please call the numbers 699 875 163 or 677 769 722

We do not pray for accidents. In the event where there is an accident and passengers are injured, Amour Mezam takes the injured passengers to the nearest dispensary or hospital where First Aid is given at the expense of Amour Mezam. After the First Aid is given, Amour Mezam informs the insurance company who then takes over cost of treatment. Passengers should request a receipt from the hospital of any money spent from their pocket after receiving the First Aid. The insurance company will need the receipts before they can reimburse the passenger.


If you have any luggage, please contact one of our agents in the bus station to assess your luggage. The criteria for pricing your luggage is based on volume, weight and the value of the luggage. Make sure to ask for a receipt for any sum paid for the transportation of your luggage. The company is not responsible for any unpaid luggage. 

We do our best to provide buses that are in good state to passengers. However, one cannot rule out breakdowns that can happen once in a while. When this happens, we do our best to provide another bus from one of our nearest bus stations to permit the passengers to continue their journey. 

If you come late to the bus station when your bus has left, you will pay a penalty of 50% of the fare before you are allowed to travel on the next bus (if there is another bus going to your destination). 

For the time being, the online payment is only available for trips going to Yaoundé, Douala and Bamenda. Online tickets for the rest of the destinations will be provided very soon. 

Yes, this can be done before stated departure time. Use the mobile app to manage your trips. You will need to provide your mobile number used in purchasing the ticket and the code sent to you in order to perform this action.

Yes, tickets purchased online can be cancelled. Using the amour mezam booking app, go to my trips and then follow the instructions. Note that online tickets can only be cancelled before the stated departure time. It is not possible to cancel tickets after the departure time.

Buses depart at 8am prompt and 8pm. However, due to the social climate in Bamenda, the evening buses depart at 7pm. Passengers should be at the bus station at least 30 minutes before the stated departure time.

Buying a travel ticket on LOHCE is easy!

  1. Find the trip that meets your criteria
  2. Choose the number of seats you want to buy
  3. Specify your billing information
  4. Pay using your MTN Money
    (dial *126#)
    or Orange Money account
    (dial #150#)

LOHCE sends you an SMS and an electronic ticket to confirm your purchase,which include your identification and information needed for boarding at Amour Mezam bus station.

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